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Welcome to RJP Audio Overhaul Ltd, HiFi repair in Norfolk. This is the vision of former Marantz UK Service Manager, Richard Peel. Our workshop is based in Cawston, situated between Reepham and Aylsham on the B1145 in the heart of rural Norfolk.

Here at RJP Audio Overhaul Ltd, we will inspect any audio equipment in the first instance. From this we will give a no nonsense assessment of the HiFi service required. If we believe a unit can be serviced then we will do so. However, if data and parts are no longer available or if it is not viable, we will let you know.

Many service centers will not touch a product over seven years old due to end of life manufacturer support. We, however, will happily investigate the product and fault condition, and feed back what we find or suspect. We will even source components from the opposite end of the planet if required!

Leben - CS300XS following Hifi repair
Leben amplifier hifi repair

We’ve performed many successful HiFi services to multiple brands including, Aiwa, Arcam, Denon, Marantz, Yamaha, Musical Fidelity, Wadia, DCS, Leben, Jays Audio, McIntosh, Cary, Audio Research, Electrocompaniet, Quad, Cambridge Audio, Linn and many more!

To consider us for your HiFi repair, please complete our contact page form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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Also from time to time, we’re able to offer refurbished equipment for sale. Check out our online shop for bargain equipment.

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